About Us

Derringer Dobermanns is based in the Hawkes Bay, Central North Island of NZ and started some 30 years ago after having pet dobermanns. With the love of the breed and the intelligence of such a fine looking animal, it drew me to the show ring, which began many enjoyable years of showing and breeding. It is my continuing aim for the future to selectively breed to carry on and produce these line bred dogs and to add another member to our family when needed.

For the past 5 years I have been dna testing for Von Willebrands Disease (vWd's) producing mainly clear dogs and this has been a great step in my breeding program as to what stud dogs I use. I also health test my breeding bitches for thyroid and liver and kidneys. This is something I require from all bitches coming to my stud dogs, as the need to improve the health problems in dobermanns is of utmost important for their longevity. I am a member of NZKC and a Life Member of Dominion Dobermann Club continuing to be involved with them.

I was lucky to purchase a male from Flaxton Kennels, CH. Flaxton Li’l Black Kay Cee, ‘BO’ who became a Multi In-Show winner as well as a wonderful family member, a great ambassador for the breed, just one of the dobes everyone liked, he featured in commercial adverts, went everywhere with us, lived till he was 12 years old.

CH. Martyn O’Be In Front, ’KASI‘ was my foundation bitch, out of winning NZCh. Austoria Blue Moon to NZCH. Kismet Darby O’Gill (Imp.USA), who was a very strong linebred dog making a great impact on the dobermann in NZ. Now 5 generations of their progeny are genetically bred to produce good health, longevity, soundness and correct temperaments with the ability be good show specimens.

I then went on to produce a wonderful litter of pups from her to another great AM dog in Australia, called 'Sherman'. This was the start of another era, going on to breed some fabulous stock with new lines. Over the last 10 years I have kept to producing good sound stock, as in 'SAFFRON', who has been my top show and brood bitch. I mated her to my next imported Aussie dog, 'CHIPPY' and again breed some good sized pups with excellent temperaments.  'Poppy' being a great brood bitch with top winning progeny and 'Raisha' who has excelled in agility and obedience work obtaining the first NZ dobe to gain her Australian title.  'Envy', who has just passed away at nearly 10 was another daughter with a lovely temperament.  3 years ago I imported a red bitch,'SASSY', a multi-group and In Show winner who will go on to be my next brood bitch producing a lovely big litter of 10 pups, of which 3 are all champions, 'Ostara, Ebony & Midge' who will carry on that good strong European influence beneficial to the breed for soundness, temperament and agility.  'Ebony' was mated to 'Force' produced 'Bruno' stunning red dog now a Champion won Best of Breed at National Dog Show 2014, a very prestigious award.  He's now sired a great litter to Shady with top winning bitches in the ring, 2 of them now champions. 'Rosa' is a AUCH has been mated to Pride producing lovely litter of 9 pups, Pipi & Tai are being shown here & Kiaora in Aus, both have Chippy & his brother Chase behind them to carry on.

'FORCE' is my latest stud dog, combining AM and European lines, to help bring some size and substance into the breed, plus temp and show qualities. To date he has turned out a magnificent dog becoming a champion at a year old, who will go on to be a top show & breeding dog in NZ. He has sired 4 litters producing very typey pups with lots of bone and substance and strong temperaments, which the breed here in NZ needs desperately. I am continuing to carry on these lines as I feel the breed needs more strength and has been in decline for a long time. 'Fancy, Winnie, Shady, Chance & Gus' are all winning progeny of his which will carry on good strong lines and 'Vienna' his granddaughter who is a stunning bitch with wonderful movement & style, who herself has gone on to produce a lovely litter of pups. Winnie was mated to Chance to produce a great litter Tiko a stunning dog shown in Aus.


We have just lost Force to a shoulder injury when he was very young, it totally collapsed we had to do the unthinkable, but he has left behind a beautiful son 'CHANCE' & great grandson, 'TIKO' below who is a stunning boy with over 22 In Shows in Australia and is up for PUPPY OF YEAR & DOG OF YEAR, we are over the moon, he is now the youngest Australasian dobe at 18 months to gain a title of AUGRANDSUPREMECHAMPION plus our 'ROSA', his sister who is now an AUCHAMPION, is a very special girl and turning into a lovely show bitch, so Force has produced quality progeny to carry on his great name through 'CHANCE' who is their sire.  Rosa has now produced a lovely litter of pups to AUCH.WATTAVUE HIGHLY UNPREDICTABLE with 'PIPI' & 'TAI' all now in the ring. Also his daughter 'SHADY' was mated to 'BRUNO' last year producing 'PIRI' & 'LOLLY', both stunning red bitches being shown in Australia, so a great legacy for him, Piri recently becoming an AUST Champion, we hope to repeat that mating this year, of which we have 3 pupppies.
                                                                'CHANCE' - NZCH. DERRINGER TWICE THE CHANCE (READ/EVANS)