Vonny - Derringer Bonny Xmas 
25.12.04 - 25.02.17

By Ch.Derringer R U Reddy For Zed
Out of Ch.Derringer Strike It Saucy

  That frightened young lady we asked Jan if we could keep, joined our "canine" family in June 2005.

Every noise,loud voice,or authoritive stance,made you afraid.
Your trust in humans took a long long time to gain.
If you could only have talked.
Such an endearing girl with us, you were a staunch
protector of all that was within your surroundings,
and the car too. Another girl with such an inner beauty.
Both you and your sister have left such deep voids.
I am so at peace that you chose your time to go,it felt right.
My love for your breed has always been rewarding.
devotion,and you, a true protector.
Thank you Jan for my three brown girls who came
after my years of breeding this wonderful breed
and whose lines also go back to those I kept,
back in the late 60's mid 80's.

Thank you for breeding true type and temperament
and most of all,,,,,thank you for the acknowledgment
that I only give the very best available care to all "my girls".

We now only have a one Dobey household instead of
ree (Cheyenne and Vonny).
Our two GSP's and Rainna have felt the same sadness
we felt and are now adjusting their status within their "pack".
I'm so grateful you brought Rainna into our home as a
replacement for her Great Great Great Aunts before they passed away, even with Skye and Ella,
I would be lost without a Dobey in the family...



Cheyanne - Derringer Xmas-Spirit
25.12.04 - 28.06.17
By Ch.Derringer R U Reddy For Zed
Out of Ch.Derringer Strike It Saucy

Four months after your sister passed, you joined her.
My beautiful, devoted "Brown Girl".
You had so much that you dealt with in your lifetime.
The paralysis from a ruptured vertebrae,pyrometria
and then mammary cancer.
We beat them with your sheer determination and love of life.
You taught me endurance, benevolence, gave me strength
and we shared such a strong bond for each other.
You were a "War Horse" never to be defeated.....
until we couldn't help you anymore to ease the pain
in your front legs to give you the mobility in your cart.
To be outside,looking for "flexions".
With much love and devotion, I had to say goodbye.
It felt li
ke abandonment.

See you soon "Brownee"

Vonny will be waiting for you there, you can run again.

She had such a huge will to live and so much strength to keep going for such a very long time.  She will always be remembered lovingly in her owners & our mind and heart!!


NZCH.Fireax Quest For Success - Sassy (ImpAu)
22.7.2000 - 16.4.2012
By AUCH.Fireax Thunderstorm
Out of AUCH.Fireax Style Quest ET

'Sassy' was a stunning bitch, such a different temperament very devoted, but was such a strong girl.  She only lived with us for a short time & went to Kim, who made her into her first champion, whilst waiting for her new pup, Raisa. They were great mates and both had a wonderful life together, eventually moving to Aust after producing great litter of pups 3 are all champions.
She was a fabulous family bitch a little crazy at times but loved all the kids & anyone who gave her attention, a very friendly dobe. Her happy go lucky nature put a smile on everyones face as she was always so upbeat. Each day she'd wake up full of excitement of what the day would bring and it was infectious. The kids still talk about her to people who visit, so she is sadly missed but not forgotten.

NZCH.Fireax Fancy Force - 'Force' (ImpAu)
29.11.2005 - 6.3.2014
By AUCh.Chektaf Supreme Thor
Out of AUCh.Imxquisit Twice As Fancy

'Force' our boy an amazing dobe, a real asset to the breed a top show dog, winning Specialty & All Breed Shows.
He excelled at everything he did, from playing with his big teddy bear to a great guard dog, a force to be reckoned.  He loved his girls was so devoted to us all, a real smiler, such a wonderful temperament nothing phased him, he could run as fast as a rabbit.  I have all his children here all big strong dobes, carrying his wonderful quality genes, he left us a great legacy of the breed, we are so grateful.  There is a huge gap in our hearts, you were something special which rarely comes along, we were so blessed with you, such an awesome dog, you did us so proud. 
Our thoughts & love be with you my very special man.
A great show & specimen of the breed.



Derringer Dark Secret - 'REMY'
22.7.2000 - 16.4.2012
By Derringer Double M Power
Out of Derringer Black Lace

'Remy' was our beautiful girl one in a million, such a lovely sweet temperament but strong as, she survived a car accident, 3 broken bones in her leg, collapsed lung. We were given the option save her leg or her life, well she ended up with a frozen kneecap but lived till she was 13. Absolutely stunning dobee, rehab was 6 months we walked her in a sling every day while she mended back to good health. She went on to have 13 pups, the Rainbow litter, all colours, wow that was a surprising joy for her & us, as she was such a great mum.  Knew how to enjoy life could run so fast with her stiff leg up, never missed a beat right to the end, played with the rest of our dogs, she was a true matriach to all. We love you Remy our hearts will always be with you and never ever be forgotten.

AUCH. Derringer Xmas Knight - 'JET'

25.12.04 - 7.5.16.
By Ch.Derringer R U Reddy For Zed
Out of Ch.Derringer Strike It Saucy

'Jet' was a grandson of Remy, what a stunning dog fanastic strong head & dark tan with a great expression.  He was owned by Raquel a lovely owner in Aus, who just worshipped him, gave him a really special life with all his family near him, also became an Aussie Champ, he reached a good age & will be so missed by them all.

"Jet was an amazing, handsome talented dog, true credit to Jan’s breeding.  He was so smart we swore there was a little boy inside of him. I was so honoured to have him in my life for 11.5 years and he has left a massive hole in our hearts.  He will never be forgotten and we miss him every day. Raquel (owner of Jet)". 


Derringer Dream Chaser - 'Chaser'
1.5.2001 - 16.4.2012
By Derringer Axel Schulz
Out of Derringer Black Lace
'Chaser' was a real house dog, loved being with his owner Jack they went everywhere together on walks, slept on the couch, flew with them when they moved to South Africa, just a constant companion.  Easy going loved everyone, he was Saffron's bros and very much like her in every way.  He will be sadly missed by them and you couldn't wish for a nicer dog.

Derringer Rainbow Milano - 'Milly' 
30.11.2003 - 14.4.2012
By Derringer Double M Power
Out of Derringer
'Milly' was from my Rainbow litter who ended up living with her blue bros and Dee Bell, a dobee lover.  She spent her retirement years on a couch being totally spoilt and loved every minute of it.  She was a funny girl, bit of a loner who just needed to be doted on and I know Dee and Helen will miss her terribly.

Derringer Sheba Queen - 'Sheba' 
7.8.1988 - 30.11.2010
Out of Derringer Susy Que
By Derringer Elektrik Sax
From Tina, "My 'Shebs' 12 years 3 months old.
She was so cool, top Dog for a long time in my house and as stroppy as hell if she needed to be,
she guarded just about anything... food mostly.
Battled on through all sorts of setbacks until she just couldn't be her old self anymore.
Going to miss my beautiful girl very, very much..

Derringer Black Lace - 'Tessa' 
7.8.1988 - 9.8.2011
Out of Derringer Susy Que
By Derringer Elektrik Sax
'Tessa' was Sheba's sister, just turned 13 years, a matriach and lovely old sole, who didn't like the show ring, but produced 4 generations of show dogs.
Always bossy, a great companion to 
Barb & Peter in her retirement years, never a dull moment passed with her, she lived the good life.

NZCh. Dassin Chip N Chase
By AMCh.Winmar's American Gigolo Dassin(ImpUSA)
Out of AUCh.Elranza Fatal Attraction

'Mr Chips' a great ambassador for the breed, a wonderful dog everyone he meet just loved him, kids, animals, birds, no-one could say enough about how gentle a big happy dog he was,
you couldn't have asked for a more loving friend.
He also was a great show dog, imported to improve
the breed and he did just that producing great
puppies with amazing personalities who excelled in obedience, agility & in the showing.
He lived with Jan, a lovely friend & will be missed
by all who knew him and a dog you could never ever replace just a real gem!


Ch. Derringer Strike It Saucy
By Derringer Axel Schulz
Out of Derringer Black Lace

'Saffron' was something very special to us, she was an amazing all rounder, excellent show bitch, winning a lot on her incredible movement plus soundness, it was a joy to see.
Always a guard dog plus a wonderful friend,
very aloof, just like a dobe should be, but also always there beside you no matter what.
She was a beautful looking bitch with all the attributes of the breed. She fought on like a true trooper even when her time grew near,
a battler to the end.
We miss you very much, a joy to own and
will never be forgotten, your progeny
are with us and that is something
we will always treasure.

Ch. Derringer Lone Arrow
28.5.1996 - 10.9.07
By Dixie Wake Up Call
Out of Ch. Derringer Lone Rider

Meg was only shown for a short time and became a champion quite young. She was a lovely elegant bitch
producing some very strong pups, like Zephyr.
She lived with Laura, Glen and their 2 boys,
Robert & Jack who will miss her so much and
were grateful to have had her as part of their
family. Once again it seems you don't know what
you have got until it's gone. Meg was a good
friend and we are all going to miss her".

Derringer Double M Power
27.1.99 - 6.4.05

By CH/NZCh.Sharinway's Hart of My Hart
Out of Ch. Derringer Lone Arrow

A very staunch faithful dog living life to the
full, nearly losing him at 6 mths of age
chasing a goat over a 100ft cliff, but
he survived. He was only shown
briefly, really didn't want to be
handled by strangers, typical of
dobes but a great guard dog & friend.
In the end, his hunting instinct lead
to his downfall and he died tragically.
He will never be forgotten and he
lived his last year with his
his beloved 'Pepper' who
passed away shortly after.

Ch. Derringer Pepper Shot

23.3.94 - 12.6.05
By Ch. Dixie T-Bone Shuffle
Out of Ch. Derringer Lone Rider

'Pepper' was one of a kind, highly
intelligent, very dominent bitch who
caused kaos amongst the pack,
but what a lovely show bitch, who won
at Speciality and Group levels.
She lived the lsat 6 years with Glenis,
my very close friend, as a wonderful
companion. She will be dearly
missed by us all, still with us in spirit
as we have her great granddaughter
'Poppy', here, who is very similar
in a lot of ways, so she'll never ever be
forgotten by us.


My Old Red Dobes

Derringer Red N Ready
Born 23.1.89

By AMCh.Calliope Night Sentry &
out of 'KASI'

A wonderful powerful strong male
with an amazing temperament, who
guarded and was totally loyal. He
sired some lovely pups especially
one litter to 'Murphy Brown' and
their Progeny

'SUSY' & 'LUCA' (opp)
Derringer Susy Que
Born 17.8.93

Died at 9 yrs, a much loved girl
who left such great breeding
stock. She finished her days
doing SPCA charity work with
Hilary & Ian Stollery, to be
remembered in our hearts, a

Ch. Derringer Lone Rider
Born 23.1.89

Brandy's sister, who was a
very substantial bitch.
She, like 'Kasi', threw
wonderful pups,'MEG,
all became champions like
herself. I remember getting
her last challenge at 6 yrs &
ROG/OOG at Kapi-mana.
She passed away at 12 yrs


My Aussie Red Bitch

Walamara Lectric Force
Born 3.3.91

Imported from Aust by Ch.Elranza Bobby Dazzler & Marienburg Copper Calafia, a pedigree to die for.
A real character who passed on a lovely outgoing temperament to her boys.

She passed away at 10 yrs, but will always be
remembered for her clownish character, such a
photogenic bitch. We thought we'd never replace
her, but along came Chips another Aus, related and the same personality.

So Elle we will always remember you.



My first red dobe, guarding the van, she was an amazing bitch, who also was shown.

Flashback In Time


First time ever 3 dobermanns had gone In-Show wins at Blenheim K.A. 1979-Judge Dorothy Hatt